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Monoi HEI POA oil has been a part of French life for 40 years. Whether at the beach or when out and about in town, this small bottle has become a classic, an invitation to travel, to embark on an exotic journey accompanied by its sensual and enchanting scent.

Rediscover the essence of Polynesia with original Monoi Oil in its small bottle that is easily recognisable by its evocative sunset and dreamy scent. Set out on your journey...

Monoi AO

Monoi Oil is a natural oil extracted from coconut pulp, in which fresh Tiare flowers have been macerated. The "Designation of Origin" label (DO) guarantees a quality product, produced in accordance with tradition and the local Polynesian economy.


Monoi, a sacred oil from Polynesia is used for massage and hair and skin care. It is known for its hydrating and nourishing properties for the skin and for its ability to repair dry and/or damaged hair.

Summer and Winter

Monoi is a traditional natural product that solidifies at temperatures below 24°C. To fully enjoy its benefits, even in winter, place the bottle under hot running water. The product will become liquid again and regain its initial properties.

Making Monoi oil: an ancient skill

Monoi Oil AO, is a natural Copra oil (pulp extracted from coconut) in which fresh Tiare flowers are macerated.

Coconuts are harvested from Polynesia's lush coconut plantations before being selected and left to dry in the sun. FRESH Tiare flower buds are picked at dawn and left to soak in the coconut oil, which has been extracted under pressure. 12 flowers are used per litre of oil. The Tiare flowers infuse the oil with their aroma for several days, until an authentic Tahiti Monoi oil has been created.

The "Tahiti Monoi Oil" Designation of Origin was awarded in 1992. It guarantees a quality product, made in accordance with tradition and the local Polynesian economy.

Discover the secrets of making Monoi Oil!


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Apply Monoi oil to wet skin and massage gently so that it penetrates easily without leaving an oily film. Then dry yourself.


Why has HEI POA Tahiti Monoi Oil always been packaged in small glass bottles? Because, in Tahiti, Polynesian families make Monoi oil themselves and usually refill empty medicine bottles. HEI POA's small glass bottle is a direct result of this tradition.

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A minimum of 90% Tahitian Monoi is refered to as “Pure” Monoi. Monoi “oil” refers to a product that contains between 50% and 90% Monoi.


Apply a small amount of the product to the tips or length of the hair. Do not rinse. Hair shines and is easy to style.

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